Detonation Recordings UK

Detonation Recordings, in the UK, will be fronted by Raye.

Raye has been involved in the music industry in some form or other for many years. He has released several albums and been involved in writing, production, remixing as well as playing on many musical projects.

His bands have included early industrial duo Third Door From The Left, Industrial punk band Hydra and the early metal bashing period of Leech Woman.  He was involved in the club Mega City One in the 80s, as DJ and promoter, at which My Bloody Valentine made many of their early appearances, and was one of the first clubs in the UK to play tracks by artists like Front 242 and Revolting Cocks.


Although still involved in making, producing and promoting music, Raye’s “day job” is as Chief Sound Engineer at London’s legendary 100 club where he works with many established and newer artists from all genres of music, and his own personal music tastes are as diverse including almost everything …..

except what he calls “sanitised pop or corporate rock”, that’s a huge NO!.

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