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Detonation in the USA is very happy to be represented by Polly Osborn.

Polly stumbled into the music promotion world when she encountered the band Jelly Bread in Reno, NV in 2010.She wanted to expose the Northwest to the great sounds of their music and assisted them in booking their first successful tour in the Seattle area in 2011.

Polly continues to represent Jelly Bread in the Seattle area.

She has since expanded her contacts in the Seattle music scene and now manages the rock band, Blackline. She also works with several other artists in the Seattle/Portland area and will be expanding to Nashville Tennessee in the Fall of 2014. She partners with other promoters such as TBASA Music, and Echo Eyes Touring Management, and successfully promotes the events she’s involved with on social media as well as other Seattle online publications. With a reputation for being an honest and reliable promoter and booking agent, she has become well liked and well known in the Pacific Northwest.

Polly OsbornPolly started working with FPC Radio in the Summer of 2012 to share the music of the independent artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Starting in January of 2014, she partnered  as co-owner of NGFY Radio and continues to work to spread the music to as many people as possible through online radio. With a successful Sunday show highlighting live events from any venue, band, or artist that sends and invite to her, she continues to promote and support independent music from around the world.  Polly is also known for her band interviews which are light hearted, unpredictable, and gives the artists a place to tell the world about the music scene as they see it and a way to promote their music.

Polly is happy to be expanding her reach in the music industry through working with Detonation Recordings, as well as her continued collaborations with TBASA Music, Echo Eyes Touring and Management, and online radio.
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