What Detonation is all about.....

Detonation Recordings will not be a one dimensional label, although everything will have that undefinable alternative edge, and yes, we know that can take in a wide range of styles. The label will be open to metal, rock, all forms of dance (but none of that dull top 40 chart sounding stuff), indie, hip hop, as long as it has that kind of edge that transcends genres.

There are partners in other corners of the World, currently the UK and the USA guiding the future building of this label.

Once Detonation takes on a band, their first goal is to start promoting them, Det Rec plan to see where promo first kicks off and use that to create more; for example, if the people in Seattle get a response first, it can be quoted in the UK to create more and so on and so forth.

Building the name of the bands is a priority, more than just making sales.

Most plans will be for digital, seeing as around 90% of current sales at the moment are digital and more downloads are stolen rather than paid for. So some plans would involve giving away music with a view to make more for the artists out of merchandise and live gigs rather than just sales, all this will be coordinated with the bands, other options are always available.

Det Rec will also be backed by a new service Underground Heart, which is about to start, this will be one of those voucher services, a bit like wowcher or groupon, but for alternative stuff, this is starting off with over half a million email addresses, so that’s gonna help the bands that the label gets involved with as well.


Detonation USA

Detonation UK